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Exhibition at city church: anna goodman

When I first had children one of the things that took me by surprise was how little time I  had to myself - I was always on my feet!  Previously, I'd had lots of time to do oil paintings and pointillism by myself and at my leisure, but now?  Where on earth would I ever find the space to go to the bathroom by myself, let alone the luxury of being able to draw! 
However, as babies turned into toddlers who turned into slightly bigger toddlers, I realised I was getting little pockets of time - about 8 minutes worth. So I set myself a challenge, I would use those pockets to get lost in the moment, draw like crazy and purge my desire to express myself creatively.  Thus my "8 min drawings" were born and my sanity was preserved.  A lot of my drawings are influenced by one of my favourite artists, Hannah Dale of Wrendale designs.

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