Family Discipleship Mission Multiplication
Application Form
To lead a City Group

Applications close 28th July

Autumn City Groups will start the week beginning
Sunday 24 September
and end the week beginning
Sunday 10 December

We welcome applications from any committed member of City Church Cambridge.

The decision to accept a City Group – for this next term – rests with the elders, who will take into account the need for offering a balanced mix of groups with appropriate leadership.


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Name of City Group:

On which day will it meet?

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At what time will it meet? (6am-9pm)

Where will your City Group meet?

What is the duration of the group? (8-12 weeks)

How frequently will you meet?
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What is the maximum group size?

Who will be your co-leader or assistant leader? (Not mandatory but strongly encouraged)

What will your City Group do?

How will your City Group advance our vision to be a Family of Disciples on a Mission?

Who is this group open to? (Choose at least one from one column or the other)
  Members of City Church only Anybody
Teenagers 13-17
accompanied by parent or guardian
Children 12 or under accompanied by parent or guardian
Unaccompanied youth and children below the age of 18 (You and your co-leader must have current DBS clearance and have had safeguarding training)

Any other comments:

 I understand that, as a disciple, I am trying to increasingly worship God, obey Jesus, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit in all of life, and am helping others to do the same.

 I actively contribute to the family life of City Church by regularly participating in our times of corporate prayer, in being financially generous and by serving others.

 I have read the Vision and Values of City Church Cambridge and will lead in full accord with them.

 I can attend City Group Leaders' Training at Brickfields on Thursday 14th September at 7.30pm.

Please give the name of a leader who is willing to act as your reference:  
This could be an elder, Director, department head (Youth, Students etc), GG or Cluster Leader

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If your City Group is open to the public the relevant details on this form will be published and promoted on the public side of our website (
If your City Group is only open to City Church members it will be published and promoted on the password protected side of our website and will only be visible to City Church members.