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Week 10: Revelation 19:11-21:08

Things are looking up!! Not only are we entering the home-straight in our quest to read through Revelation together, but the book is drawing to a close and a happy ending is due... I hesitate to present you with spoilers, but hopefully you're already aware that Jesus wins!

This week, our penultimate week in Revelation, Simeon's helping us look at Revelation 19:11-21:-08. There's judgement on the beasts, there's resurrection for the faithful, and there's a new heaven and a new earth.

Here's Simeon's sermon for this week, taking us through this couple of chapters:

Come back every day this week for a short video from Simeon looking further at short sections of this passage (or click here to watch them all now!). Tomorrow, we're delving into Revelation 19:11-16.


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