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Bible teaching, interviews, worship songs, bonus content!
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Bible Teaching.

Unpacking scripture as part of our weekly services + through InConvo episodes.

We believe that the Bible is our authoritative guide in all matters of faith and practice. We therefore place great importance on regular teaching from the scriptures. 

Bible Teaching

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Autumn 2023: "The Holy Spirit: A New Testament Survey"

The work of the Holy Spirit is not just for a few specialists in the church to experience, but is essential to the
Christian life for us all. Different biblical books have different focuses and emphases in the truths that they communicate to us. As we read the Bible, our understanding of God grows as we see the different hues and brushstrokes of each book come together to paint one masterpiece. This is true of all sorts of topics, including the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. 


So in our sermons this Autumn, Daniel, Simeon and others will be looking at the particular facets of the Spirit’s work that come to the fore in each of eight different New Testament books, usually one book per week.


"By trying to let the Biblical texts set the agenda in this way, I hope we’ll grow in a mature understanding of the Holy Spirit that isn’t overly influenced by anyone’s “favourite” bits! And as our understanding of the third person of the Trinity grows, I pray that our experience of Him in our lives, individually and together, will grow too!" - Simeon

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Summer 2023: "Jonah and the Grace of God"

Over the summer we'll be looking at the book of Jonah: a rich and vivid book which points to Jesus in some cool ways!  Each week we'll look at the same part of the story in both a short all-age talk in The Morning Service and a sermon in The Evening Service.  Our overall focus will be on the amazing character of our God; specifically, His grace, kindness and compassion.


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Summer 2023: "God's Place"

In early-summer 2023 we got to hear from Haggai and Zechariah, two prophets who spoke God’s words to God’s people after their return from exile. They brought a message of God’s commitment to live with His people in the place He chose, and called them to build God’s place and live God’s way. Just as God chose to live with His people in Jerusalem, so He has chosen to live with His people in the Church. Two and a half millennia later, Haggai’s rallying cry and Zechariah’s colourful visions are still loaded with God’s encouragement and correction for us as we build God’s place and live God’s way. We began in Haggai 1 with God’s call to prioritise His priorities, and worked our way through to Zechariah 8 and the prophecy of people from every nation (e.g. us!) eager to join God’s people.

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June 2023: "Holy Spirit"

In The Evening Service we took some time to focus on growing in our understanding of and experience of the Spirit. Speakers will be Simeon, Daniel, Angela and visiting speaker Norman Blows.

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Spring 2023: "This is Why"

The Apostle Peter encourages Christians to “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Peter 3:15) This term’s teaching will inspire and equip us to say, ‘this is why’. We begin with five sermons that take us back to the source of our hope: Jesus. We’ll see how he interacted with people like us and our neighbours and transformed their lives. Then we’ll finish the series with two equipping talks. The aim is to remind ourselves why we hope and equip ourselves to share that with others.


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Previous Series.

January 2023: "God and Science"

Two talks aimed at answering some big questions about science and faith.

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Theological chat – unpicking some tricky topics over coffee.

InFormed is a podcast where Simeon, one of our elders, chats to various folk from around the church family. Together they dig into a different theological topic each time, helping us know and understand God better.

There are two versions of each recording: a full length version, and a 10 minute taster version.



Recommended talks.

Talks on some key topics.

A selection of Sunday sermons from our archive that cover some important topics.

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Baptism in the Holy Spirit
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