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Bible Teaching.

Unpacking scripture as part of our weekly services + through InConvo episodes.

We believe that the Bible is our authoritative guide in all matters of faith and practice. We therefore place great importance on regular teaching from the scriptures. Sunday teaching is backed up by bonus content in the week, courtesy of our InConvo episodes, where the preachers and others take some time to chat further about the passage/topic of the week.

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Current Series.​

Summer 2022: "Rejoice" - The Psalms

God commands us to rejoice, and in the gospel He gives us loads of reasons to do so! This term we'll preach through some psalms that help us to choose joy, whatever's going on in our lives.

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Previous Series.​

Spring 2022: "Matthew – See and Follow Jesus"

This teaching series begins by showing us a number of different facets of Jesus' identity. As we see the richness of who Jesus is, may we be greatly refreshed as we delight in Him. This picture of Jesus will come to us courtesy of Matthew, chapters 14-17, which we'll be working through over the first part of the term. In the second part of the term, we'll go on to chapters 18-20, looking at how our discipleship plays out in different areas of life. What does it really look like, in practice, to follow Jesus?

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Previous Series.

Autumn 2021: "I believe in God"

This teaching series is structured around the The Apostles’ Creed – an ancient summary of our Christian faith that continues to be affirmed by Christians all around the world. As we gather together, it makes sense for us to revisit our historic roots of our Christian faith, to hear the echo down the ages of Christians from all nations and backgrounds who have gone before us professing: "I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth..."


Voices of the Church.

Getting to know church members.

Daniel, one of our elders, chats to another member of our church family. Topics covered vary from the serious to the light-hearted. It's a great way of getting to know folk from the church. 

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Theological chat – unpicking some tricky topics over coffee.

InFormed is a podcast where Simeon, one of our elders, chats to various folk from around the church family. Together they dig into a different theological topic each time, helping us know and understand God better.

There are two versions of each recording: a full length version, and a 10 minute taster version.



Recommended talks.

Talks on some key topics.

A selection of Sunday sermons from our archive that cover some important topics.

Baptism in water
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Church leadership
Relational Mission
Serving the church
Giving to the church
Our Future Hope