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Autumn 2021.

What's happening?

Daniel explains...

In Brief.

There will be four ways to meet from September until the end of December:

Sundays (September - December).

  • "All In" at 11am (Short service, all in the same room, meal or snack)

  • "All In" at 4pm (Short service, all in the same room, meal or snack)

  • "The Evening Service" 7.30pm (Longer worship, teaching, ministry)


Thursdays (September - December).

  • "Word and Song" 8pm (Worship, teaching (the same sermon as the previous Sunday evening))


September to December.

Four meeting options.

There will be four meeting options between September and December, which will be reviewed them as we go along. Will we do this forever? We don’t know! At this point we are simply planning to run until December.

Sundays: "All In" at 11am and "All In" at 4pm
The two "All In" services will have limited spaces (numbers to be confirmed) so you will need to book in for them. People will sit at tables and the service will contain a short session of sung worship, space to use our gifts, Bible reading, a short and engaging talk, an interview, and communion. This will flow straight into a meal or snack (bring your own). After a year of isolation we want to give some valuable time to rebuilding relationships with one another.


This emphasis, has recently been prophetically confirmed, for example Nick encouraged us by writing "revitalising authentic church life will necessitate an emphasis on relationship and time together; fellowship both with one another and even more essentially with our glorious Triune God."

Timings will be as follows:

    11am/4pm            Arrive
    11.15am/4.15pm     Service starts
    12noon/5pm        Meal or snack
    1pm/6pm             Clear up (all together)


Sundays: "The Evening Service" 7.30pm
This service will be similar to what we used to do on a Sunday morning (but without children’s work or youth work). There will be more time for worship (perhaps even a band!), teaching, communion and ministry.

Thursdays: "Word and Song" 8pm
Doors will open at 7.45pm for an 8pm start. This will be a simple time of teaching (a repeat of the sermon from the previous Sunday Evening Service) and sung worship.

More info
There are some frequently asked questions here. (These were compiled during our period of consultations).

There's also an episode of InConvo dedicated to talking about these plans: Daniel (Team Leader), Mandy (Children’s Worker) and Luke (Youth Worker) spend some time discussing the autumn, you can hear that podcast here.

Online option?

Let us know.

If you expect to be genuinely unable to go to any of the in-person meetings and would need an online option, please get in touch and tell us about your circumstances to help our planning.