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Church Staff Resources.

Here's some information you need!

This Staff Handbook together with your Employment Contract contain the Terms and Conditions of your employment

Safeguarding Policy (link to pdf)

If you work with under 18s or vulnerable adults as  part of your paid employment or voluntarily for the church it's really important that you are very familiar with, and follow, our safeguarding policy.

Workers' Handbook (link to pdf)

This supplements the safeguarding policy, with codes of conduct, necessary forms, instructions as to how to respond to abuse, etc etc. Please read the appropriate sections for your team and your role.

Complaints Handling

If someone makes a complaint to you about anything to do with City Church, our policy (which can be shared with anyone), some guidance as to how to implement the policy and a form for logging the complaint and our response, are all found on our Complaints Handling site - please log in with your email address.  If you just need the logging form, please click here:  Complaint Logging Form

Individual Team Pages in My ChurchSuite

Some teams have their own page in My ChurchSuite. They are similar to this one, with links to general and team-specific documents and various forms. They give the team quick access to all the information that might previously have been printed out or emailed, and as new people are recruited, they are guided through the onboarding process. Forms on these pages can be designed to pass on the submitted data directly to the team leader or admin. Contact the church office if you would like this kind of page to be set up for your team!

Standard Forms

In addition to team-specific forms, there are some multi-team forms in ChurchSuite.  If you email someone the relevant link (copied from the list below), once they submit the form, the church office is notified and will share their response with the relevant team leader or admin.

Confidentiality form  - for anyone who is going handle personal information

Parental Permission for Unaccompanied Under18 joining a team or group

Parental Permission for Group/Team Social Media

Sunday Team Application Form (no safeguarding requirement)

Application Form (for a safeguarded team)

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