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City Groups.

A place to belong.

Bible discussion group


Being part of the church is all about family and relationship. Firstly with Christ and then with each other. While Sunday services are a central part of our life together, meeting during the week in small groups is just as important. Because within the setting of a smaller group you can more easily build relationship and support each other in living out your faith.


We have a wide range of City Groups meeting in different locations and at different times, so we hope everyone can find one they are able to attend.

We have two different types of City Groups...
City Group Interest.

These City Groups are generally short-term and based around a shared interest, e.g. Alpha, Bird Watching, Ephesians for All etc. They give a great variety of content, contexts and time slots.  If you've an idea for a group you'd like to run, please get in touch.

City Group Local.

These City Groups are longer term, meeting for at least a year, possibly many years, but still with breaks for the school holidays and Weeks of Prayer etc. They will be local expressions of community – a place for enduring relationship to be formed and expressed and, hopefully, a catalyst to a Christian witness in your area. These groups may focus on the current teaching topic(s) from Sundays, as well as social activities and opportunities to minister to each other.

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