We believe that the Bible is our authoritative guide in all matters of faith and practice. We therefore place great importance on regular teaching from the scriptures.

Current series: I believe in God.

Autumn 2021

This teaching series will be structured around the 

The Apostles’ Creed, an ancient summary of our Christian faith that continues to be affirmed by Christians all around the world. Each week we'll be focusing on a small section of the creed.  At "All In" we'll take an interactive look at a story or passage from the Bible that communicates the truth in that bit of the creed. This will be complemented by a longer sermon on the same doctrine at The Evening Service and at Word & Song on the following Thursday.

As we gather together, it makes sense for us to revisit our historic roots of our Christian faith, to hear the echo down the ages of Christians from all nations and backgrounds who have gone before us professing: "I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth..."

We are so looking forward to opening up the Bible and exploring the richness of our faith so beautifully summarised by the Apostles’ Creed. May you be comforted, encouraged and uplifted as we remind ourselves of who we are as a people and the wonderful God to whom we belong.

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Previous series: 2 Corinthians.

April - August 2021


This summer we’re preaching through (almost) the first four chapter of 2 Corinthians. A bit like Philippians did, 2 Corinthians will help us to see (and imitate!) the kind of mindsets Paul and Timothy had in the midst of considerable challenges. We won’t face identical challenges to them, but there’s much we can learn from them! And the letter gives us rich stuff about God and His ways for us to get our teeth into.


Each week we’ll be thinking about the same verses in the online service as in the in-person service, but don’t worry if you’re attending both: you will hear different sermons at the two services. 


There are various ways for us to engage with this part of Scripture together in addition to the sermons: use the booklet (in your devotional time? Or while the kettle boils? Or . . . ?); and/or join a City Group discussing it; and/or simply ask each other over a walk, meal, or text message: “What has God been saying to you through 2 Corinthians?”


If you didn't receive a devotional booklet but would like one, please get in touch with the office, including your address, and we'll send one to you. 

During this period, there are also 2 two talks not on 2 Corinthians:

13th June – Joe – "One question: help or hinder?"   Listen   Watch 

11th July – Daniel – "Four vital signs" (1 Peter 4:17)   Listen   Watch 


Previous series: Easter 2021

Here are a few sermons on a variety of topics:

28th March: Jon – Ephesians 2: "In Christ - Freedom from Shame"   Listen   Watch

2nd April: Jon – Good Friday: "It is finished"  Listen   Watch

4th April: Angela – "He's alive, and so is the church!"   Listen   Watch

11th April: Samir – "A life of adventure"   Listen   Watch

18th April: Jaz – "The Power of Relationship"   Listen   Watch

On Sunday evenings, during our in-person services, Daniel's currently preaching about "The Fear of the Lord". This is being accompanied by InConvo episodes so that all of us, whether or not we're attending the in-person services, to learn more about this wonderful doctrine. Join Daniel and Kit as they have a chat:


Previous series: Stories from the Storm.

January - March 2021


This series worked through a series of biblical "Stories from the Storm": Hagar, Joseph, Rahab and many more. All these people experienced stormy circumstances and yet they all experienced God's amazing grace and kindness. They are not the heroes of their beautiful stories: God is.

Available resources:

  • Sermons (10-15 minutes),

  • InConvo – a weekly podcast episode, in which the preacher joined with a couple of other people to chat further about the week's focus.

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Recommended talks.

A selection of Sunday sermons from our archive that cover some important topics. 
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