We believe that the Bible is our authoritative guide in all matters of faith and practice. We therefore place great importance on regular teaching from the scriptures.


Current series: Easter 2021

From 25th April, the sermons will look at 2 Corinthians, zooming in on chapters 1-4. More details about that nearer the time. In the meantime, there are a few sermons on a variety of topics:

28th March: Jon – Ephesians 2: "In Christ - Freedom from Shame"   Listen   Watch

2nd April: Jon – Good Friday: "It is finished"  Listen   Watch

4th April: Angela – "He's alive, and so is the church!"   Listen   Watch

11th April: Samir – "A life of adventure"   Listen   Watch

On Sunday evenings, during our in-person services, Daniel's currently preaching about "The Fear of the Lord". This is being accompanied by InConvo episodes so that all of us, whether or not we're attending the in-person services, to learn more about this wonderful doctrine. Join Daniel and Kit as they have a chat:


Previous series: Stories from the Storm.

January - March 2021


This series worked through a series of biblical "Stories from the Storm": Hagar, Joseph, Rahab and many more. All these people experienced stormy circumstances and yet they all experienced God's amazing grace and kindness. They are not the heroes of their beautiful stories: God is.

Available resources:

  • Sermons (10-15 minutes),

  • InConvo – a weekly podcast episode, in which the preacher joined with a couple of other people to chat further about the week's focus.


Previous series: Christmas.

December 2020.


A few talks focussing on aspects of Christmas.


Previous series: Philippians.

September-December 2020


Through the autumn we looked at Paul's letter to the Philippians. It's a fairly short book, so we put together two reading plans – one that takes you through the whole book in seven days, and another in just five!

Below are:

  • sermons for this series (recordings of the live sermon from the online service on Sunday mornings)

  • InConvo: a series of podcast episodes where the preachers take a longer, chatty look at the week's theme

  • extra blog posts taking a look at a topic related to the themes of Philippians.





Recommended talks.

A selection of Sunday sermons from our archive that cover some important topics. 
Baptism in water
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Church leadership
Relational Mission
Relationships in the church family
Serving the church
Giving to the church
Our Future Hope

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