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Love your neighbour.

There are so many ways to keep the love and message of Jesus shining in this time of international emergency. It all starts with a deep understanding of how God feels about us and all those around us...
Love from the heart.

Authentic compassion comes from both a heart that is sensitive to the suffering around us and a conviction that God will give us the words to say and show us the way through. Many of us will experience moments of pressure, fear, loneliness, and possibly even grief. Those in the homes around you are no different - as we navigate these strange days together lookout for opportunities to learn and love well.

Love as a community.

Why not work together with others from City who live near you to ensure your response is a team effort. Good communication, prayer, sharing the load and visible unity will all strengthen the effectiveness of our efforts. 

Love as a church.

Lockdown has served to make the world both a smaller place (as many of us are restricted to contact with only those immediately around us) and bigger (we are all online so much more). This gives us an opportunity to spot and support the initiatives of others in and beyond the church. Quizzes, choirs, and 'shared meals' can all be done in an almost borderless way.

Love prayerfully.

Nothing is more powerful than prayer. Jesus gave so much of his precious time to this rich but deceptively simple investment. Ask God to bring people to mind and ask for the courage, opportunity, skill and compassion to impact that person with the power of Jesus' story.

Love boldly.

It can be all too tempting to talk ourselves into passivity in times of uncertainty but that would be a mistake. Ask for wisdom and power - God is faithful and will give you what you ask for.


When faced will the enormous scale of the Coronavirus epidemic we can lose sight of the fact that we can make a difference!

Think of two close friends in the church, two people on the fringes and a further two neighbours in whom you can take a special interest in during this season. Focussing on doing more for a specific group can help you live intentionally and help you assess your endeavours.

More tips.

If you'd like some super-simple tips on how you can share the gospel with those around you, take a look at the "Take a Step" resources from Relational Mission. 

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