Images by Dan Jones


All In.

What will it look like?

For the last 16 months, being together on a Sunday has largely looked something like this:


but that's due to change in the autumn! Between September and December our main church gatherings will instead look more like this:




There will be other services too (Sunday evenings and Thursday evenings), which will look a little more like how things used to look, but what might you experience when you come to an "All In" service?

"All In" will be a 45 minute service, followed by a meal or snack together. All ages will be in the room together.

When you arrive, you'll need to find a seat. Seats will be grouped around tables, and you're welcome to sit with whoever you like. Please do keep an eye out for anyone looking lost or indecisive and invite them to sit with you!



We'll have a short time of worship – we'll sing two songs together ...



.... and there will be opportunities to listen to God and use our spiritual gifts.



We'll hear a reading from the Bible:



There will be a short talk – around 10 minutes long – when someone will tell us more about the reading we just heard. The teachers will be encouraged to make sure this is as accessible as possible for everyone who's listening.



We'll also make space to get to know one another through hearing people being interviewed.



Finally, we'll share communion together, to celebrate the gospel ...



... and eat together. Please bring your own meal or snack!



Plus, of course, we'll have time to BE together! Getting to know one another better and sharing life together.