Leaders' Resources

Here's everything you need to know and any paperwork you need!

Thank you for leading a City Group this term. We hope this is an enjoyable and fruitful time for you and your group members.


The Leaders' Guide is below.

Other useful resources for you are also on this page.



For each group, we ask the leader(s) to complete a risk assessment on the group's activities.  If you are unfamiliar with this process please refer to How to do a Risk Assessment. Save your completed Risk Assessment form(s) and send copies to the office at office@citychurchcambridge.org.uk. If you a re-running a City Group from a previous term, please update your previous risk assessment as circumstances/people may have changed.

If your City Group has unaccompanied under 18s as members, or is aimed at vulnerable adults, please read our Safeguarding Policy and confirm with your City Group Coach that you have the relevant and current clearances. For each unaccompanied child or youth, please ask their parent/guardian to complete a CG Parental Permission form and keep this form accessible during this term's group sessions in case of emergency.

MyChurchSuite provides methods for you to communicate with the group members without publicising their contact details to each other. If you also want to have direct contact with members of your group via social media, email, or mobile phone AND your group contains under 18s, then this requires parental permission:  CG Parental Media Consent
NB Please do NOT include under 18s in any Facebook communications for the group.

If your group will be meeting at Brickfields, please check which rooms(s) have been allocated and sign out the relevant keys from the church office. Please also read Locking up at Brickfields. If you could be setting up or clearing rooms by yourself, please familiarise yourself with our lone working system:  Lone Worker Policy

If this is your first time volunteering for City Church in this way, please read the Volunteer/Worker Handbook and complete our Confidentiality Agreement.

Other information you might find useful:
Pastoral Care at City Church
Recording and editing Group attendance data

Well done for getting this far! Can you please now complete your City Group Term Checklist

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